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Grey Goose is my Spirit Animal

Clearly, I am exaggerating. But, I like most people enjoy the occasional cocktail. While some people have carved out special occasions to celebrate a particular libation, I have foregone setting a special day to partake in one of my favorite drinks. Instead, I have dedicated the vodka tonic as my signature cocktail for this phase in my life.

Cheers to the Perfect Vodka Tonic
Cheers to the Perfect Vodka Tonic

There is not much to it. It's simplicity is what makes it magical. To make this easy peasy spirit, just get a bit of ice, vodka and tonic water. That's it! You don't have to crush berries. You don't have to boil sugar to make simple syrup. You don't have to break out eighteen ingredients to concoct this joy of a cocktail. You simply can't mess it up.

The Secret Sauce

Here's what you need

* One 8 oz class

* Ice

* Vodka

* Tonic Water

* Garnish with lime, optional

At about 130 calories per drink, it ranks amongst the lowest calorie drinks for cocktails. And although I am pretty sure that it has absolutely no nutritional value at all, its therapeutic benefits are countless.

(Now, some of you will be keen to notice that I have chosen the Kirkland or Costco brand of vodka. It should be noted that it hails from the same distillery as Grey Gosse for half the price.)

Measure out 2 fl. oz.

To make this little miracle, fill your glass with five to six ice cubes. Measure out two fluid oz. in a cocktail measuring cup. If you do not have one of these little wonders, you can find one on Amazon, here.

Now, if you are feeling particularly fancy, you can squeeze in a bit of lime juice and garnish with same.

Fancy Vodka Tonic

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

XO - Sarah


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